Women's Programs 

Small groups, Surf skills, Fitness, Ocean awareness, Safety

4 surf lessons at various times and days.   Designed to teach you surf skills, ocean awarenss, fitness and gain confidence.  We have beginner to intermediate programs.  You can book in and start any time.  We have a chat group with the updates and surf times, allowing flexibility to pick the best conditions.  

Beginners start with some beach practise, safety and board handling, we then move into the ocean to start catching broken whitewater waves.  Building skills and confience over the 4 sessions, we progress to surfing on the face of the wave, trimming and turning.

Intermediate surfers will learn higher level skills, including cutback, top turn, better wave selection, improved paddling and duck diving, and a better understanding of the ocean and surf forecasts. Please send an email or message enquiry about this program.

Ocean Awareness and Confidence - small steps, big gains.  We will guide you into surfing by first starting with an awareness of the ocean, the beach, wave formations, rips and currents.  Understanding these things will give you that bit of extra confidence when you are out in the waves.  Surfing can be quite daunting.  We will teach you how to control your board and yourself in the ocean, what to be aware of and how to remain calm in tricky situations.  Fitness and mobility will also be included in this program.  Please send an email or message enquiry about options for this program.

A fun atmosphere with other like-minded women to share your expereinces.   

315 Esplanade - 315 Esplanade, Moana SA 5169, Australia

Moana Beach opposite 315 Esplanade, Moana.  About 200 metres north of the Deep Blue Cafe and Surf Club

Middleton Beach - lower carpark, Mill Terrace, Middleton

Southport/Rivermouth - Top car park near the rivermouth, opposite 144 Esplanade, Port Noarlunga South



Water bottle

All equipment is provided

At our surf school, we run surf lessons in all weather and surf conditions, providing it is safe to do so. If the surf is too big, or completely flat, or if the conditions are unsafe due to high winds or lightning, then we will reschedule your lesson. If we change the time and you are unable to come to the new lesson, then we will provide a credit toward another lesson at a later date.

If you would like to reschedule a lesson you have booked, we need at least 24 HOURS NOTICE. Failure to give the necessary notice will mean you may forfeit the cost of that lesson. Under these circumstances there are no refunds, partial or otherwise, unless extenuating circumstances.

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