Middleton has consistent surf all year round and is well known to be one of the best beginner surf locations in South Australia...



The pristine stretch of beach at Moana is only a 40 minute drive south from Adelaide. Moana offers safe beach break ...

Surf groms

Vegemite SurfGroms is a national junior development program for 5-12 year olds that encourages kids to participate in surfing ...


Since 1991 Surf Culture Australia have been conducting surfing events and lessons for corporations, businesses, community groups.  Whether it is a small, medium or large group we focus on fun, surf skills, team building, and leadership.  All equipment is provided including wetsuit, soft surfboard and sunscreen.  A qualified coach will look after your group and ensure a fun and safe time in the ocean.

We offer a selection of options:

  • Option 1: Surf only. One 2 hour surf session
  • Option 2: Surfing and Lunch. One 2 hour surf session with barbeque lunch at the beach, including fresh fruit
  • Option 3: All Day Surf and Lunch.  Two surf sessions with barbeque lunch in between

Option 1: $50 per person minimum of 4 people
Option 2: $65 per person minimum of 8 people
Option 3: $95 per person minimum of 8 people